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    An audio recording of Better Angel, by Richard Meeker ie Forman Brown . Via the Internet Archive. A nice addition to your audio player. Nicely read by Greg W.
    In 1933 Forman Brown published the novel called Better Angel. It being 1933 it was controversial story matter and as such published under the pseudonym Richard Meeker. The protagonists story being of a young man coming to terms with him being gay though gay back then meant jolly… It’s quiet contemporary.

    The author is not well known this side of the Atlantic, maybe due to the small volume of books written. Wonder if writing Better Angel and trying to get it published influenced him in this respect. Is there any doubt. Unlike E.M Forster. Instead he appears to have absconded to the bright lights, to, for of it’s day must of been a bastion of freedom compared to the alternative, Hollywood, U.S.A. Brown tried his hand successfully at song writing, puppetry and adult back when adult meant grown up, revues. In contrast Forster first started writing Maurice in 1915, then basically hid the novel except from some close friends, continued writing many straight novels in a similar style, until after his passing and Maurice was published in 1971.
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